PHP is great.

No, really. It is. The syntax is very much like JavaScript, save for a few fundamental differences.

PHP is a server-side (backend) scripting language that works in the background to enhance your HTML file and make it more dynamic. For instance, paired with a database like MySQL, it can help you create working forms (thus far, our HTML forms have looked pretty, but have done absolutely nothing useful).

The way I see it right now is that If HTML and CSS were the contents and layout of your home, PHP and the backend is a little bit…

It’s week 5!

(actually, it’s week 6 but I’ve had the flu and was unable to blog last weekend!)

To begin with, Git week felt like taking a break from the fortnight of JavaScript that we had just conquered. It was nice to be doing something with the command line and to learn about how we might approach a collaborative project.

We’d been using Github (a website that allows you to store development projects in online repositories) since day one to access resources for the course, but had yet to be introduced to the beautifully organised world of Git and…

It’s week 4.

I’m sitting here on a Thursday night thinking about the DOM (as you do) because we’ve got a quiz tomorrow.

If last week’s Javascript 101 wasn’t enough, with its strings and arrays and functions and object literals, now we’ve actually got to apply that to useful scenarios (i.e. not just changing sentences to pig latin or console logging the word ‘Rhubarb’ 100 times).

Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge of it — I’ve just been finding myself frustrated more often than usual this week. I even had a small cry last night. I actually shed…

We’ve just finished two solid weeks of JavaScript and I’m trying to think how I can fit it all into one post. The answer is … I can’t.

So instead I’m going to deliver it in manageable, bitesize chunks over the next few weeks. It’ll help me revise and keep everything fresh in my head.

We’ve learnt A LOT thanks to our fantastic tutor, Mark.

Contrary to the image above, I think I do know what I’m doing, but I also think my brain might be melting. Again.

Although we haven’t quite become one entity yet, if I were my…

It was September 30th 2019: day one, week one.

I cycled across Bristol that Monday morning with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I am not a seasoned city cyclist, so crossing the leviathan of roadworks at rush-hour was my first test.

Arriving at the DevelopMe offices unscathed, I quickly found my seat. …

why a postdoctoral researcher specialising in arts and cultural history decided to pursue a career in web development …

Not long ago I was standing in front of a lecture theatre full of art history students teaching them about eighteenth-century print culture and its role in French Revolutionary propaganda. I was an expert in my field (and have a doctorate to prove it).

Now I’m spending my days on the other side of the desk, learning to code from the ground up to prepare myself for a career in web development. …

Charlotte Codes

Hi, my name’s Charlotte. I’m a Web Developer, Coding Bootcamp Teaching Assistant and career changer from Academic Teaching. I also like to hike. A lot.

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